Academy of Broadcasting/Journalism at Northside High
Open to students entering 9th or 10th grade.

Broadcasting and Journalism 

Students participate in a communication focused academy for Broadcasting and Journalism. This includes a radio station using student composed shows in an actual radio studio. The academy will prepare students for the post high school world of work in one of Louisiana’s ever-growing media industries or acceptance into a university’s journalism or communications school.

 The academy is modeled after some of the finest journalism schools and university student media centers in the nation.  The specialized curriculum provides students with hands-on learning using cutting edge, state-of-the-art equipment and technologies.  Students will not only be taught scholastic journalism, theory and best practices; they will be given the unique opportunity to actually create and produce a journalistic product for use across a multitude of modern platforms and deliver a real world product for public consumption.

 Expansion plans include a functional student media center with a video production studio and a social media publication, including: newspaper, yearbook, public radio station, a public low-powered TV/cable station, a video and film department, an Internet news platform and a motion picture department. This academy will provide students with experience and skills necessary for a future career in the field of Broadcasting and Journalism.