Who can apply to attend Schools of Choice?
Any student who lives in Lafayette Parish and is eligible to attend school can apply to attend a School of Choice. Special Education students may apply, but must have their application approved by their IEP Committee to be eligible to attend a School of Choice.

What special requirements are there?
None. The only requirements are that students complete the application process within the deadlines.

Does my home zone matter?

What about transportation?
Transportation, utilizing designated stops, is available for all students who choose to attend a School of Choice. Designated stops may be several miles away from your home. Please check the website to confirm that you will be able to get your child to their designated stop. Transportation forms must be completed and returned to the District Schools of Choice office.

Who decides if my child is admitted?
No one. A computerized lottery is conducted to select students randomly from those who applied. Learn more about the lottery process.

Download the current policies and procedures set forth by the Lafayette Parish Schools of Choice.