The Lottery Process 

The Lafayette Parish School Systems will conduct an annual lottery for the LPSS Magnet Academies Program.

 The lottery is a computerized system that randomly selects students from completed, verified and submitted applications.  A third party audit of the Magnet Academies Application and Selection Process will occur annually.

Students who wish to apply for more than one Academy may do so; however, a student cannot apply to more than two academies. If applying for more than one academy, they will be required to rank their applications in terms of priority.  

Special Education students who wish to attend a Magnet Academy may apply, but will be required to reconvene their IEP committee for approval of their application from their IEP committee in order to be eligible for admission to a Magnet Academy program. 

Once the lottery is conducted, parents/students are notified.  Once an applicant has accepted the invitation, the parent must contact the Academy Director or Principal of the school to begin the enrollment process.  Acceptance is limited by the number of seats available and entrance requirements.  Applicants not accepted due to limited seats available, will be placed on a numbered waitlist determined by the lottery system. 

The initial invitation for academies with grade requirements is provisional.  An official invitation is determined by a review of end of the year grades.  Applicants who apply for a Magnet Academy and then are retained for academic deficiencies are subject to losing their seat.  Students must fulfill entrance requirements to join a Magnet Academy. 

Applicants invited to enroll in the Magnet Academies program will have 21 calendar days to respond.  Failure to respond will result in an auto-decline.  If there is a waitlist, the invitation will immediately be sent to the next waitlist applicant. 

Once all entrance requirements have been verified and the process is complete, the parent/student will receive a final invitation to attend the Magnet Academy.  Intentional falsification, distortion or misrepresentation on an application will result in disqualification for acceptance into the Magnet Academies.

 Students must satisfy all academy-specific eligibility requirements to qualify for consideration. 

Acceptance into a Magnet Academies program is limited only by program capacity.  Applicants who submitted for the lottery will be able to log into the parent dashboard for status updates the afternoon of the lottery event date.  From the dashboard, parents can accept or decline seat assignment.  Applicants who submitted after the lottery, during the Open Enrollment phase, will also be able to check their status and accept/decline a seat through the parent dashboard. 

Once accepted, the student agrees to a (1) one year assignment to his/her program. 

Students who move into the district after the selection process is complete, may apply to the LPSS Magnet Academies through late entry, and will be placed in an academy that has open seats and no waitlist. 

Students who were not placed into any Magnet Academies program must remain at their home zone school.

If a student or parent wishes to appeal any aspect of the application, lottery or assignment process, they must fill out a Documentation of Appeal form and present it to the District Magnet Academies Office.